My mission is to capture the story and essence of what I see in my world. Whether it’s an abandoned car or building found along old Route 66 or a beautiful landscape Mother Nature left for us. I get so inspired by the world around me, photography is my way of sharing it with you.

I started my blog to bring you the stories of my photography and travels, I hope you follow along and join me in my adventures. My 3 year vision is to leave my day job, buy a travel trailer and photograph the United States. My blog will chronicle my travels, stories and of course, my photography. I’m excited about sharing my vision with you, thanks for stopping by.

I hope you enjoy my images. Maybe you get inspired to go on a road trip or want to see more of our beautiful home we call earth. One of the best parts of doing what I do is hearing your stories and memories of the places I photograph. 

If you see something you like drop me a note, you can contact me via the contact link in the main menu.