• Welcome to My New Blog


    I’ve struggled a for a while debating on if I wanted to start a new blog. Almost a year ago I had malware installed on my wordpress site without my knowledge, after weeks of trying to get rid of it and feeling frustrated, I ended up shutting down the blog. I’m excited that I have decided to take another go at it. My goal with this blog is to share what I’m doing with my photography and inspire you to get out and explore our beautiful planet. Stick around and enjoy the world through my eyes.

    Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park
    Sunset at Joshua Tree National Park

    About a month ago I went on a camping/photography trip to Joshua Tree National Park. One of my “bucket list” items is to visit all of the national parks in the U.S., I’m slowly checking them off, one at a time. The spring is a great time to visit Joshua Tree, since it’s all desert, it’s warm during the day and cold at night. In fact, I was surprised how cold the nights were, I guess I didn’t think about the elevation change within the park. We camped at Jumbo Rocks Campground, what a cool place with unique boulders and Joshua Trees everywhere! This campground was centrally located in the park and made a great home base. One of my plans was to do night photography while there, unfortunately the first couple of nights were cloudy and we saw very few stars. However, we did get lucky enough to have 2 clear nights before leaving.

    Starry Night
    Starry Night (click to view large)


    Stay tuned next week for more images from my adventures including more from Joshua Tree National Park. Thanks for stopping by!